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The array of Android phones can be bewildering. These are some of the best devices available.

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You’ve probably noticed you can’t get a decent WiFi signal in certain parts of your house, but when you move a little, your signal comes back. Welcome to the world of WiFi dead spots.

Why The Summer Climate Can Be Bad For Your Android – And How You Can Keep It Safe

Everyone loves summer, right? Well, it's probably not your mobile phone's favourite time of year. Here's how you can look after your device and why it's important to do so

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Apps will quickly fill your Android’s internal storage and possibly slow it down. Thankfully, you can avoid this problem by moving apps to your SD card.

What WiFi Patrol Does And Why You Might Want To Use It

WiFi Patrol is a free app that lets you test your internet speed. This is why you might want to use it.

Why Your WiFi Is Slower Than You Paid For and What You Can Do

Getting an internet connection that is slower than your provider previously advertised in frustrating. Use the WiFi Patrol app to track how your internet connection really performs.

11 Android Security Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

If the increasing threat of malware is worrying you, read on to learn more about Android security and how to keep your phone safe.

The 5 Best Android ROMs In 2016

When looking to purchase custom ROM, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Feel free to read on for a rundown of the best Android ROMs in 2016.