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The Benefits Of Using Antivirus Software On Your Android Phone

Despite all the mobile malware out there, many people still aren't doing anything to protect their phones. Read on to learn more about the dangers of malware and how antivirus software can help.

Where Is Android App Data Stored?

Read this guide for a short explanation of where Android app data is stored and how you can avoid losing it.

How To Use Your Android To Scan A QR Code

QR codes are used for all sorts of things and can often unlock little bonus features. Read on to learn how to use your Android phone to scan a QR code.

Zip For Android: Zipping And Unzipping Files On Your Smartphone

Compressing files saves a lot of memory making it an ideal way to store more files on your device. Learn how to zip and unzip files on your Android phone.

How To Track Your Child's Android Phone To Find Out Their Location

If you need to know where your children (or other relatives) are, Android offers a couple of ways to track a phone. Read on to learn how.

8 Things To Do When Your Android Phone Gets Stolen

If you're in the horrible situation of having had your Android phone stolen or lost, there are certain things to do to minimise the damage. Read on to learn more.

The 8 Dos And Don’ts Of Your First Android Phone

If you just bought a new Android phone, these are the important things that you should (and shouldn’t) be doing with your first android phone.

How To Fix A Bricked Android Phone

Many Android users like to fiddle and tinker with their phone, but doing so can sometimes lead to a bricked phone. This is the dreaded state in which your phone is totally unresponsive. Here are some tricks to help you fix a bricked Android phone.